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A national conference on “Recent Innovations in Engineering, Science, and Technology” (NCRIEST-2023) itypically organized to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, acads an event emicians, and professionals from various fields to discuss and share their latest research findings, innovations, and developments in these domains. Such conferences provide a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among experts in these fields. It organized by the Electrical Department at Sri Balaji College of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Conference Theme:

Join us at NCRIEST-2023, where professionals, researchers, and experts converge to shape the future through knowledge sharing and innovation in the realms of science, engineering, and technology.


Mark your calendars for the conference on October 18th-19th, 2023.


The conference will take place at the SBCET campus in Jaipur, an ideal venue to foster intellectual exchange and collaboration.

Official Website:

For more details and registration, visit our official website:

Scope of the Conference:

The scope of a national conference on “Recent Innovations in Engineering, Science, and Technology” can be quite broad and encompass a wide range of topics and areas within the field of engineering. The specific scope and focus of the conference may vary depending on the organizers’ goals and objectives.


•  To provide a platform for national relationships among the researchers involved in Engineering & Technology.

•  To provide publication opportunity in the journals without any Plagiarism.

• To provide a conducive environment for the participants to share experiences in Engineering & Technology field.

•   Opportunity to meet with plenary speaker’s the world leading thinkers and innovators in the field.

•    It enables triggering minds among the parties involved.

•    To provide opportunities to form partnerships among research participants.

•    To expand the field of Engineering and Technology at the global level.

Sub Themes (not limited to):

•  Power Generation

•  AC and DC Machine

•  Advance Grid

•  Solar System

•  Electrical vehicles

•  Cryptography

•  Artificial Intelligence

•  IOT

•  Android

•  Machine Design

•  Recent Trend in Power Electronics

•  Smart Electric Vehicle

•  Photovoltaic Specialist

•   Electrical Measurement and Instruments.

• Green construction materials and technologies.

•  Highway Engineering

•  Special Concrete

•  Transportation engineering

•  Structure engineering

•  Water resource engineering

•  Earthquake engineering and detection Process

•  Tall building design

•  Fluid Dynamics and hydraulics

•  Renewable Energy

•  Energy and Power Simulation

•  Thermodynamics

•  Operation Research

•  Theory of Heat Transfer

•  Material Science

•  Human Values & Life Skills

•  Turbine Design

•  Control system


Dr. A. H. Khan : HOD EE