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Innovation Club

Innovation is the buzzword of the 21st century.  Innovation is all about converting ideas into new or improved products, processes and services. It is about taking inventions to marketplace. It is a process that translates knowledge into products & services for economic growth and social well being.  It emphasizes a series of scientific, technological, organizational, financial and commercial activities. The STI policy 2013 of the Govt. of India has also emphasized on the role of innovation and is committed to develop innovation incubators, wherein the youth of the country are nurtured and exposed to ideas and processes to inspire them to take up innovative activities from an early age. Setting up of Innovation club in Science Centers is a step in this direction.

What is an Innovation Club?

The objective of the Innovation club is to promote innovation, creativity and engagement in science and technology. The components of Innovation club are: Resource centre to access information on innovations & inventions, Idea lab to work on naive ideas of students, Tod-fod-Jod to dismantle and assemble gadgets, Kabaad-se-jugaad to make useful things from scrap & Idea box to drop ideas for national evaluation & competition etc. These would serve as springboards for new ideas and innovation and thus helping the society and economy to face future challenges and meet rising aspirations of the growing population.

Why an Innovation Club in college?

The key and immediate objective of the innovation club in college is to create awareness, educate, nurture and inculcate a culture of innovation amongst college students and to enable them to generate new ideas and become more innovative.

Innovation Club Coordinator:
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Yadav