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EE Labs

Labs of Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Machine Lab: Mechanism of equipment’s like synchronous generator, synchronous motor, DC machines, induction motor are taught. It emphasizes on electrical machinery used in power plants.

Power Electronics Lab: Modern methodology of control and operation of industrial drives are taught. Lab has wide application in stability improvement of power system like industrial electronics, advanced power electronics and electronic circuits.

CAD Lab: Simulation of electrical circuits on MAT LAB, TINA PRO, PS CAD. Students learn about MATLAB programming, computer-based power system and power system modelling.

Electrical Measurement Lab: Students learn to calibrate meters, various types of AC/DC bridges, LVDT, earth tester, solar panel, stroboscope, power measurement etc.

Electrical Workshop: Electrical experiments on three phase induction motor, single phase induction motor, three phase auto transformers etc.  

Power System and High Voltage Lab: Students learn to measure dielectric strength of transformer, testing of phase angle and ratio error of CT with complete panel etc.

Electrical Drives and Their Control Lab: This lab shows the various methods of controlling of industrial drives. The lab has been upgraded under MODROB (Modernization and removal of obsolescence in technical education) programme of AICTE.

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