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Rhythm Club

In order to inculcate the idea of uniformity and togetherness in their young hearts, our College has introduced the “RHYTHM CLUB”. Cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves, but also assist them to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as interpersonal communication, organizational, leadership, presentation, etc. In order to bring out their best talents, various cultural activities are conducted in this club to tailor their talents and interests.

The Rhythm club organizes and promotes all the extra-curricular activities. The club aims to promote major cultural festivals. This club organizes small events for easing out the academic pressure on students as well.
Objectives of Cultural Club are as follows:

  • Encourage the budding talents of the College and develop their creative skills.
  • Provide the right platform to showcase their talents in various fields like dancing, acting, singing etc.
  • Organize various competitions, annual functions, internal celebrations and cultural programmes in the college.
  • Make the student confident and competitive in the global environment.
  • Prepare the children for future life in terms of skills, behaviour, knowledge, learning and respect for others.
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