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ME Labs

Labs of Mechanical Engineering Department

CAD Laboratory: Knowledge and techniques about the research and application of CAD, CAM, MATLAB

Fluid-Mechanics & Turbo-machinery: Use of fundamentals by hands-on experiments of fluid mechanics and turbo machinery.

Heat Transfer: Study about the thermal conductivity, emissivity & heat transfer effectiveness of materials.

In Thermal Engineering: Disassembling and assembling of different sub-systems of automobiles such as engine, carburetor, gearbox etc.

In-Mechanics of Solids: Analysis of properties & material behavior of through a series of experiments.

Material Science: Study and analyze of crystal structure of materials & heat treatment processes like annealing, normalizing, tempering etc.

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machine: Laboratory is furnished with instruments to assess the performance of KOM and DOM analysis apparatus, governors, gyroscopic couple, general bearing etc.

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