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Applied Science & Humanities

Department of Physics:

Physics is significant and influential with its advanced understanding resulting in new technologies, with the collaboration of other Sciences, Mathematics, and Philosophy. The faculty with their vast teaching & research experience ensures student’s development with the practical application of the knowledge. The department has two laboratories Physics Lab I & Physics Lab II. Each laboratory consists of experiments of electronics, electrical and optics- such as band gap, conversion of galvanometer in Ammeter and Voltmeter, Thermo E.M.F., Carry Foster Bridge, Charging Discharging etc. Dark room experiments include He-Ne Laser, Optical fiber, Ballistic Galvanometer, Polarimeter etc.

Department of Chemistry:

The department has two laboratories. Each Laboratory is well located with an airy and spacious hall including a store room. The experiments prescribed are planned carefully so that each student can conduct experiments independently. The Laboratory is well equipped with Digital Spectrophotometer, Pensky Martein, Cloud and Pour Point, Apparatus, Redwood Viscometer No.1, Muffle Furnace, Water distillation Unit, Digital pH meter, TDS meter, Scientific Balance, and conductivity meter etc.

Department of Mathematics:

Students get exposure to understand concepts and structure of mathematics, its processes, and applications. They are provided with exploring and learning opportunities and relevant applications in the study.

Department of English:

The Department of English boost of two Digital Language labs which are helpful to enrich the communication and soft skills of the students. The lab aims at providing facilities for Personality Development classes, Soft Skills training, Written and Spoken Proficiency skills, preparing students for facing Job Interviews. All the faculty members are skilled trainers in the basic skills of Listening & Speaking with the use of modern approach of teaching with technology.