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Dear Participants,

As the world grapples with challenges related to electrical energy, such as those posed by electrical machines and renewable energy sources, the manufacturing practices of power equipment have become increasingly critical in shaping our electrical future. This Faculty Development Program (FDP) aims to delve into various aspects of electrical engineering, ranging from resource efficiency and power systems to green supply chain management and machine design for electrical energy applications.

The program will focus on enhancing participants’ understanding of the latest technologies and trends in electrical engineering, with a particular emphasis on sustainable practices. It will explore innovative approaches to designing and manufacturing electrical equipment that minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency. Participants will also gain insights into the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid and the challenges and opportunities this presents.

Through a series of lectures, hands-on workshops, and discussions led by experts in the field, participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in their teaching and research endeavors. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, this FDP aims to empower participants to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of electrical engineering practices and the development of a more sustainable electrical future.


The Faculty Development Program (FDP) aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of modern technology and recent developments in Electrical Engineering. It seeks to achieve this by focusing on several key objectives:

1. Introduction to Modern Technology: The program will offer a fresh perspective on modern technology, showcasing its application in various facets of Electrical Engineering. This will enable participants to grasp the latest advancements and their relevance in the field.

2. Enhanced Knowledge and Understanding: Through detailed discussions, lectures, and hands-on sessions, the FDP will deepen participants’ knowledge and understanding of core subjects in Electrical Engineering. This will include topics such as power systems, renewable energy, electrical machines, and more.

3. Conceptual Clarity through Design and Applications: The FDP will emphasize practical learning through design projects and real-world applications. This approach will help participants not only understand theoretical concepts but also apply them to solve practical problems.

4. Training in Teaching and Learning Methodologies: A key focus of the FDP is to equip participants with the best teaching and learning methodologies specific to Electrical Engineering. This includes strategies for effective classroom instruction, designing engaging curriculum, and leveraging technology for enhanced learning outcomes.

5. Industry Insights and Trends: The program will also cover the latest trends and developments in the industry, providing participants with valuable insights into the future direction of Electrical Engineering. This will help them stay updated with the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Overall, the FDP aims to empower participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to not only understand and apply modern technology in Electrical Engineering but also to effectively teach and impart this knowledge to future generations of students.

Warm regards,

[Sri Balaji College of Engineering & Technology ]