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01-03 Sept 2020 MATLab and Its Applications

DAY/ DATESession –I 9:30 AM-10:45 AM10:45 AM-11:00  AMSession – II 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM  12:15 PM-12:30 PM
1 Sept. 2020
MAT LAB: Basics and function handling
(Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh, MNIT Jaipur)
Query session    Modelling and Analysis of Linear Control Systems using MAT LAB
(Dr. Lata Gidwani, RTU Kota)
  Query session  
2 Sept. 2020
MAT LAB application in Power Electronics       
(Prof.Dr.Mukhtar Singh, DTU, Delhi)
 Query session  Circuit Solving using MAT Lab 
(Dr. Mrinal Kanti Sarkar, NIT Manipur)
 Query session  
3 Sept. 2020
Image Miring using MAT Lab (Dr. Prakash Choudhary, NIT H.P) Query session  Applications of MAT LAB in various fields
(Dr. Garima Saini, NITTTR Chandigarh)
 Query session