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21-23 Sept 2020 – Machine Learning and Android (MCA Deptt)

DAY/DATE10:30 -12:00 AM12:30 AM – 2:00 PM
24 Sept 2020
 Inauguration Session of FDP
Session –I Introduction to Machine Learning
Its  associated various fields and trends  
(Name Of Resource Person)
Session – II ML recent Techniques and Tools
ML FrameworksAutomated ML  
(Name of Resource Person)
25 Sept 2020
Session – III Conversational AI, NLP  using Cases of Business Optimization  
(Name Of Resource Person)
Session – IV Generative Adversarial Networks
What is GAN in MLIts application and classifications ·      
Generative Models and GAN Structure  
(Name Of Resource Person)
26 Sept 2020
Session – V Introduction to Android
What is AI & ML in Android    
(Name Of Resource Person)
Session – VI How to apply Machine Learning to an Android App
Various Essential Android apps of  AI & ML available
Educational Android appa for ML  
(Name Of Resource Person)