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07-11 Sept : Energy Simulation of Building

DateSession –I : 9:30 AM – 11:00 AMFaculty / ExpertSession – II: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PMFaculty / Expert
Monday 7.9.2020
Introduction to Building Simulation  
Prof. (Dr.) Jyotirmay Mathur (MNIT, Jaipur)Building Codes and Standards for Energy ComplianceDr. Shivraj Dhaka (CII-Indian Green Building Council, Hyderabad)
Tuesday 8.9.2020Whole Building Simulation Approach (Minimum Energy Efficiency Requirements of ECBC 2017)Mr. Yasin Khan
(CII-Indian Green Building Council, Jaipur)
Optimise energy use in buildings through simulation (HVAC System and Controls)Dr. Aviruch Bhatia
(TERI School of Advanced Studies, Delhi)
Wednesday 9.9.2020Energy Efficiency Measures: Lighting and Building EnvelopeDr. Priyam Tiwari
(The Energy & Resources Institute, Delhi)
Standard Case for Energy ComplianceDr. Rajesh Chedwal (Govt. Polytechnic College, Sikar)
Thursday 10.9.2020Exercise -1: Develop Energy Simulation Model – Standard CaseDr. Shivraj Dhaka (CII-Indian Green Building Council, Hyderabad)Exercise -2: Develop Energy Simulation Model – Proposed Building and Energy Efficiency MeasuresMr. Vaibhav Rai Khare
(Environmental Design Solution, Delhi)
Friday 11.9.2020Understanding Interpretation of Results – Standard Case and Proposed BuildingDr. Aviruch Bhatia
TERI School of Advanced Studies, Delhi)
Conclusion and way forward: Use of Energy Simulation tools in Optimizing Energy Performance in Buildings (A Case Study Presentation)Dr. Shivraj Dhaka (CII-Indian Green Building Council, Hyderabad)