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04-06 Sept 2020 Electrical Vehicle

Day/DateSession –I 9:30 AM -11:30 AMSession – II 11:30 PM – 01:30 PM
4 Sept. 2020 (Friday)Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Prof. Mukhtiar Singh (DTU, Delhi)
Recent Advances and Challenges in EV Transportation
Dr. Arun Kumar Verma (MNIT, Jaipur)  
5 Sept. 2020 (Sat.)Simulation and Analysis of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Prof. Praveen Kumar (IITG)
Grid Integration of Electric Vehicle
Dr..Parul Mathuriya  (MNIT, Jaipur)
6 Sept. 2020 (Sunday)Electric Vehicle Inverter Design and Application                          
Mr. Aman Jha ,(Sr. Engg,, ST. Electronics)
Charger and Charging Infrastructure  
Prof. Bhim Singh (IITD)